Elva Salas
Elva Morales Senior Associate – Client Services, The Noble Group Branch Associate, RJFS

With her customer service experience in the retail industry and financial background from Wells Fargo and RBC Wealth Management, Elva transitioned into our retirement plan consulting area and works closely with the employers and employees of our retirement plan clients.

Her ability to communicate in both English and Spanish has been a great asset to our clients. Her ability to speak to someone in their native language certainly helps navigate those perplexing topics.

“Clients always rely on me and know I’ll answer their questions and resolve their issues when they reach out via email or phone call,” Elva said. “I find it satisfying to help individuals and businesses when they do not understand something or need support in resolving issues.”

Elva is originally from Laredo, Texas, and now lives in Rosenberg, Texas, with her husband, Eric, and daughters Mia and Mara. In her free time, Elva enjoys exercising, writing, and doing arts and crafts with her daughters.