Joseph Cunneff

For Joe, it started when he was a kid. Growing up, he enjoyed talking to his dad about his retirement accounts. Those conversations formed Joe approach to what he does today; get to know people, build lifelong relationships, and help accomplish their financial goals.

Joe has been focusing on client’s financial needs since 1980 when he began as a specialist clerk on Wall Street. A native of New Jersey, Joe was visiting family in Texas 40 years ago and never went back. Since then, he served as a Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch followed 16 years with Payne Webber / UBS and joined the Raymond James family in 2004. Speaking of longevity and relationship, Joe and his associate Anne, have been business partners for 18 years.

Joe believes a friendly personal approach in every relationship builds trust and longevity. He thrives on truly getting to know people and their families; striving to discover what inspires and motivates them.

Joe is married to his beautiful wife Lia and has four kids: Jordan, Jamison, Patrick, and Charlie. . When Joe is not golfing, playing guitar, or watching the big game, he enjoys serving in Hope for Three, United Way, and other charitable organizations. Joe also believes in passing this knowledge and service to the younger generation through his past involvement with Junior Achievement teaching economics and finance in various Fort Bend ISD high schools.

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